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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
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Veillonella rogosae (HMT-158)
Taxon Description:
Veillonella sp. oral taxon 158 strain F0412 was identified as Veillonella rogosae through 99.9% similarity of the rpoB gene to that of the type strain CF100. 16S rRNA genes also agree but Beighton's six 16S rRNA V. rogosae reference sequences are unfortunately short and un-informative. The genome for strain F0412 available as AENU00000000. The genome link above may be unavailable until the genome sequence is renamed from Veillonella sp. oral taxon 158 to Veillonella rogosae at NCBI. (11/01/2012)
species/Schaalia_Rothmuc_Neiss_Veill_256.png A bacterial consortium scraped from the top surface of a human tongue. The colors represent different kinds of bacteria: Schaalia in red, Rothia mucilaginosa in blue, Veillonella in magenta, Streptococcus in green, Neisseriaceae in yellow.
Image credit: Steven Wilbert.

Class: Negativicutes
Order: Veillonellales
Genus: Veillonella
Species:Veillonella rogosae
Status: Named - Cultured
Type/Reference Strain: CCUG 54233, CF100, DSM 18960
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Former Names or Synonyms:
Oral Clone BI029
Oral Strain F0412
Phylum: Firmicutes
Veillonella sp. oral taxon 158
16S rRNA Reference Sequences:    view in
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RefSeq ID: 158BI029
RefSeq ID: 158F0412

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Genotypic Description:
Phenotypic Characteristics:
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NCBI Taxon ID: 423477 [Link to NCBI]
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