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BLAST-Based Open-Reference 16S sRNA NGS
Species-Level Read Assignment Pipeline With QIIME Results
CodeCategoryMinimal read count per species (MC)
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MC1 (All)MC10MC100
ATotal reads89,66089,66089,660
BTotal assigned reads65,16665,16665,166
CAssigned reads in species with read count < MC06125,418
DAssigned reads in samples with read count < 5001,3321,3121,226
ETotal samples393939
FSamples with reads >= 500353535
GSamples with reads < 500444
HTotal assigned reads used for analysis (B-C-D)63,83463,24258,522
IReads assigned to single species56,39955,90151,621
JReads assigned to multiple species7,4137,3416,901
KReads assigned to novel species2200
LTotal number of species41822286
MNumber of single species35819271
NNumber of multi-species513015
ONumber of novel species600
PTotal unassigned reads24,49424,49424,494
QChimeric reads134134134
RReads without BLASTN hits000
SOthers: short, low quality, singletons, etc.24,36024,36024,360
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