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BLAST-Based Open-Reference 16S sRNA NGS
Species-Level Read Assignment Pipeline With QIIME Results
CodeCategoryMinimal read count per species (MC)
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MC1 (All)MC10MC100
ATotal reads442,101442,101442,101
BTotal samples484848
CSamples with reads ≥ 3000 reads (S≥3000)484848
DSamples with reads < 3000 reads (S<3000)000
EReads in samples S≥3000442,101442,101442,101
FReads in samples S<3000 (removed)000
GTotal reads assigned394,937392,889382,211
HReads assigned to single species383,165382,255374,221
IReads assigned to multiple species2,4452,3971,930
JReads assigned to novel species9,3278,2376,060
KNumber of single species675414193
LNumber of multi-species32204
MNumber of novel species3739812
NTotal reads unassigned47,16449,21259,890
OReads excluded (<MC)02,04812,726
PChimeric reads656565
QReads without BLASTN hits616161
RSingleton reads47,03847,03847,038
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