Human Oral Microbiome Taxon Description
Pyramidobacter piscolens
Human Oral Taxon ID (HOT):357Synonym:
Oral Clone BA121
Oral Clone C2ALM009
Oral Strain W5455
Named - Cultured
Type Strain:
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NCBI Taxonomy ID:
16S rRNA Sequence:
AY005444  [Entrez Link]
AY278615  [Entrez Link]
EU309492  [Entrez Link]
PubMed Search:3  [PubMed Link]
16S rRNA Alignment: View Alignment         Download Alignment         NoteNucleotide Search:313  [Entrez Nucleotide Link]
Phylogeny: View 16S rRNA tree         View all Tree filesProtein Search:5512  [Entrez Protein Link]
Prevalence by Molecular Cloning:
Clones seen = 21 / 34879 = 0.0602%
Rank Abundance = Tied for 192
Genome Sequence
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General Information:
Belongs to the cultivable cluster of the phylum "Synergistetes" and related to Jonquetella anthropi [1].
After 7-day incubation on Fastidious Anaerobe Agar plates (incorporating 5 % horse blood), strains of this species form circular, entire, high convex colonies around 1 mm in diameter.
Phenotypic Characteristics:
Gram-negative, obligately anaerobic, cocco-bacilli to short bacilli. Strains are asaccharolytic and generally biochemically unreactive although hydrogen sulphide is produced. Acetic and isovaleric acids and minor to trace amounts of propionic, isobutyric, succinic and phenyl-acetic acids are produced as end products of fermentation. The G + C content of the DNA of the type strain is 59 mol %.
Prevalence and Source:
Found in the human mouth and vagina.
Disease Associations:
Has been isolated from dvanced dental caries, acute dentoalveolar infections and subgingival plaque in periodontitis.
PubMed database:
[1] Vartoukian SR, Palmer RM, Wade WG. The division "Synergistes". Anaerobe. 2007 Jun-Aug;13(3-4):99-106  [PubMed]
Curator:  William Wade
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