16S rRNA Refseq V15.2 Genomic RefSeq V9.03
Sequence Meta Information:
Prevotella melaninogenica DNF00666 Version: 1    [ ]
Info available in HOMD database:  
1Oral Taxon ID469
2HOMD Sequence IDSEQF2734
3HOMD Name (Genus, Species)Prevotella melaninogenica
4Genome Sequence Name
(Name associated with genomic sequence)
Prevotella melaninogenica
5Comments on Name
6Culture Collection Entry NumberDNF00666
7Isolate OriginNA
8Sequencing StatusHigh Coverage
9NCBI Genome Project ID219671
10NCBI Taxonomy ID1401073
11Genomes Online Goldstamp IDGi0057386
12GenBank Accession IDJRNS00000000
14Sequencing CenterJ. Craig Venter Institute
15Comments on GC PercentageNA
16ATCC Medium NumberNA
17Non-ATCC MediumNA
1816S rRNA Gene Sequence
19Comments for 16s rRNA Gene Sequence

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