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Introduction to the HOMD Taxonomy Database
The goal of the Human Oral Microbiome Database (HOMD) is to provide the scientific community with comprehensive information on the approximately 600 prokaryote species that are present in the human oral cavity. The majority of these species are uncultivated and unnamed, recognized primarily by their 16S rRNA sequences. The HOMD presents a provisional naming scheme for the currently unnamed species so that strain, clone, and probe data from any laboratory can be directly linked to a stably named reference entity. The HOMD links sequence data with phenotypic, phylogenetic, clinical, and bibliographic information.
The curation of the HOMD Taxonomy Database is being carried out manually by experts in the oral research field. Our goal is to complete the description for all the human oral taxa by the end of 2009. Before then the HOMD should only be considered beta version and not all information is available for all taxa.
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