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Taxon Table
For the generic description of the HOMD taxonomy database, please follow this link to the article - the Introduction to the HOMD Taxonomy Database
Below is the description of how to use the Taxon Table page

The Taxon Table (Page ID: TT1) is the tabularized view of all the human oral microbial taxa defined and curated by HOMD. A screen shot of this page with referencing numbers used in the explanation is show below:

1) Previous page: Click on this will presumably bring you back to the tool page that you came from; this is different from the web browser's "Back" button, which will bring you back to the very last page.

2) Taxonomy Information Search: The input keyword will be search for those taxa with partial or whole-word (capital insensitive) matches in any of the four fields: Taxon ID, Genus, Species, and Synonym. This is the default search behavior. To further confine the search to any of the fields check only the field name below the search box.

3) Alphabet Navigation List: Clicking the letter will narrow the list to those genera with their Genus name beginning with the letter. If none of the HOMD genus names start with a particular alphabet the letter will be grayed out and not clickable. If you wish to see all the taxa, click the "All Entries" link.

4) Total records found in the database: is shown here. If you wish to see all the taxa, click the above "All Entries" link.

5) Table display: Select how many items to display per page. If total selected taxa are more than one page, they will be viewed and navigated page by page.

6) Taxon table:

Oral Taxon ID: the unique ID defined by HOMD (i.e., HOMD ID)
Genus: Formal Genus designation (if available); if a particular Genus name has not been formally defined, this field will show the upper level taxonomic name (i.e., Family) as the temporary genus name with a numeric designation (e.g., G-1, meaning the first genus under the family).
Species: Formal Genus designation (if available); if not yet defined, this field will show the text "sp. oral taxon XXX" where XXX is the HOMD ID mentioned above.

7) Link (the Goto button): Clicking the button will bring you to the detail taxonomy information page (HOMD Taxon Description, Page ID: TD1) for this particular oral taxon.

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