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 > Important Notice Regarding Tannerella forsythia (strain 92A2)
 >Announcing the eHOMD - the expanded version of HOMD
 >Change of taxon ID prefix from HOT to HMT
 >Forsyth Scientists Support The Human Microbiome Project
 >HOMD 16S rRNA Reference Sequence Version 11.0 has been released
 >HOMD 16S rRNA Reference Sequence Version 13.0 has been released
 >HOMD Public Access Soon to be Announced
 >HOMD Public Release
 >HOMD publication available for download.
 >New eHOMD publication!
 >Press Coverage for HOMD
 >Publication: Robust species taxonomy assignment algorithm for 16S rRNA NGS reads: application to oral carcinoma samples
 >The Los Alamos ORALGEN Database Archive
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Announcing the eHOMD - the expanded version of HOMD
Dear Research Community:

We are please to announce the public release of an expanded version of the Human Oral Microbiome Database - eHOMD. The eHOMD is also available on a new web site: http://www.ehomd.org, alongside with the previous http://www.homd.org. The previous version can still be accessed athttp://archive.homd.org.

~The eHOMD Research Team~
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