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Taxonomic Level
For the generic description of the HOMD taxonomy database, please follow this link to the article - the Introduction to the HOMD Taxonomy Database
Below is the description of how to use the Taxonomic Level page

The Taxonomic Level (Page ID: TL1) is the hierarchical view of all the human oral microbial taxa defined and curated by HOMD. A screen shot of this page with referencing numbers used in the explanation is show below:

1) Previous page: Clicking on this will presumably bring you back to the tool page that you came from; this is different from the web browser's "Back" button, which will bring you back to the very last page.

2)Taxonomic Level: Clicking the taxonomic level to display corresponding list and taxon counts.

3) Total records found in the database: is shown here.

4) Taxon table:

Up Pointer: The upper level taxonomic name for current taxonomic level.
(Level) List: The taxonomic names of current taxonomic level.
Taxon count in this (Level): is shown here.

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